July 12, 2024

A player banned for hate speech in his name

A player banned for hate speech in his name

Groups are currently fighting on the stage in the new raid in Destiny 2. One player from the second-placed team has now been suspended for his username.

The basics are in brief

  • In Destiny Two, the tried-and-tested raid “Glass Chamber” can now be played.
  • One of the players on the currently ranked second team calls himself “Black Life That Matters”.
  • Game developer Bungie has already banned the user from the game.

Destiny series old fans in particular are currently looking forward to the new raid in Destiny 2 From the first address Be known. For a few days now, the groups have been fighting for best raid performance.

Destiny 2 takes action against racism

However, only one member of the forces currently ranked second caused a sensation. The offending user “BlackLivesDn’tMatter” is offending a number of players. This is clearly a sharp indication of “Black lives matter” – Miscellaneous against racism.

For many user invitations Responsive game developer Bungie quickly and bans the user. In the raid ranking list, only the number of teams can be seen. However, some users are now calling for the entire team to be banned because they had a member of the group on purpose.

I already noticed it negatively in the past.

Additionally, it appears that the aforementioned team has caused quite a stir with similar actions for a long time. Already in the “Last Wish” raid, soldiers made it to the ranking list with an insulting ruling. “kneeling George Floyd», It was said here, which clearly gives birth to the BLM. How things will go with this team is currently unknown.

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