September 29, 2023

A person who went missing after severe flooding in eastern Canada

Status: 07/23/2023 03:00 am

Heavy rains have caused massive flooding in Canada’s eastern province of Nova Scotia. 4 people including two children are missing.

Heavy thunderstorms have hit Nova Scotia, a Canadian province on the Atlantic coast. This resulted in flash floods and power outages for two days. Water levels rose up to 15 centimeters, flooding streets and homes. Images on online networks showed roads that looked like rivers.

Canadian Mounted Police spokeswoman Cindy Byers said four people were missing Saturday after flooding in West Haunt, north of Halifax. Among the missing were two children who were in a flooded vehicle. The other three could have saved themselves.

Risk of dam break at Windsor

Heavy rain began to fall in the Halifax area on Friday. In some areas, the fall was more than 200 liters per square meter – more than twice the average July fall in the port city.

Authorities in the Windsor area advised residents to evacuate their homes Saturday night due to a dam break. However, the pressure relief valves on the dam were opened in the morning and the situation is now under control, said Windsor Mayor Abraham Zebian.

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