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A nun dancing in the cemetery with a skeleton

A nun dancing in the cemetery with a skeleton


15. September 2021 – 9:35 hour

A nun dancing with a skeleton in Hal

Imagine you are walking past a cemetery and suddenly you see a woman disguised as a nun dancing with a skeleton. Sounds like a description of a horror movie? It actually happened to set in Hull, UK. The nun watches and shoots amazing scenes with your mobile phone.

Witnesses watch the nun dancing

Last Saturday at Hull General Cemetery, an ancient cemetery in Hull, a nun was said to have played for the first time with a dog-like skeleton. But that’s not all: then, it was said that the woman disguised as a nun danced with a human-like skeleton. “She was literally standing in the cemetery in Spring, West Bank, across from the intersection leading to Hymers School. She was dancing with a skeleton,” the British newspaper, “Metro”, quoted an eyewitness as saying.

Is the skeleton party just part of the show?

Previously, it was said that the nun danced with the skeleton of a dog.

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The strange scenes were reportedly shown shortly before 12 noon. This may indicate that it was part of a stunt or art project – but this has yet to be resolved.

What is certain, however, is that Hull Cemetery has been out of order for nearly half a century. After closing in 1972, the cemetery was recognized as one of Hull’s Historic Sites. People continue to come and visit historic cemeteries – including the memorial to the victims of the cholera epidemic in 1849.

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