A new agreement makes life easier for policy holders and companies

Switzerland – United Kingdom

A new agreement makes life easier for policy holders and companies

After Britain left the European Union, the Federal Council approved a new social security agreement between Switzerland and the United Kingdom. It should be used as soon as possible.

Post-Brexit, the Federal Council is pursuing a “brain and gap” strategy. As part of this, he agreed to a new Social Security agreement. (icon image)


Until Brexit – when the United Kingdom (UK) left the European Union at the beginning of 2021 – the social security systems of Switzerland and the UK were governed by the Free Movement of Persons Agreement (FZA) between Switzerland and the European Union. Switzerland and the United Kingdom negotiated a new bilateral agreement in order to once again regulate social security relations in a meaningful and comprehensive manner. This has now been approved by the Federal Council, the Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO) announced on Wednesday.

The parliaments of both countries have yet to approve the agreement. But after consulting the responsible parliamentary committees, it will be applied temporarily, as was said.

According to the FSIO, the new agreement gives insured people substantially equal treatment and easy access to Social Security benefits. It also avoids the loopholes of over- and under-insurance for people who work in both countries. It will also facilitate the temporary deployment of workers in the other country, it is said. In short: the agreement makes life easier for policyholders and companies. (help)

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