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January 3rd. 2022 13:38

According to a report in The Guardian, dozens of young adults in New Brunswick, Canada, suffer from a puzzling neurological disease. Activists and affected families accuse the local government of covering up.

A whistleblower from the Vitalité Health Network in New Brunswick reported the British newspaper WatchmanThat dozens of young people in the community suffer from a mysterious neurological disease. According to the informant, symptoms include hallucinations, difficulty concentrating, lack of movement, insomnia, and rapid weight loss. According to activists and family members of those affected, efforts have been made by local authorities to dismiss the increasing number of cases as Alzheimer’s disease or other neurological diseases likely to affect the elderly.

While the official number of cases recorded since the emergence of the mysterious disease in the spring did not exceed 48, several anonymous sources reported to guardianThat up to 150 people could have contracted the rapidly spreading disease. More young people still need to be examined, and many are believed to have died.

“I am really concerned about these issues because they seem to be moving very quickly,” the source told the newspaper. “We owe them an explanation.”

One of the most worrying elements of the disease is the lack of information known about its transmission. In at least nine cases, caregivers and other people who had been in close contact with the patient reportedly developed symptoms similar to those of the patients, suggesting that not only does the disease spread easily between unrelated people, but that environmental factors can also play a role. According to the report, some have compared the disease to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, a fatal brain disorder, although research has not revealed any confirmed cases of the disease.

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Covered up by the authorities?

According to the report, local authorities allegedly tried to keep the cases secret. The backlog of cases only became known last year when a memo was leaked to the media. Officials insisted, however, that the “accumulation” was merely the result of a “misdiagnosis” in which unrelated diseases were grouped together. In October, authorities said eight deaths were from “known and unrelated diseases” rather than from an unknown common disease. An epidemiological report published in October allegedly ruled out any dietary, behavioral or environmental exposure that could explain the problem.

However, another health scientist, who preferred to remain anonymous, suspects guardianThat the government was hiding something.

“The fact that we have a smaller group of patients here speaks highly of what the New Brunswick government prefers – that the cases in this group are mistakenly grouped together.”

The paper mentions the case of Tim Petty, whose father Laurie died with similar symptoms and was posthumously declared to have Alzheimer’s disease. Betty is trying to examine his father’s remains for neurotoxins, including β-methylamino-L-alanine (BMAA), a suspected cause of the disease, according to the report. The local economy relies heavily on lobster fishing, and the chemical can, according to one historian guardian The aforementioned study can be found in high concentrations in lobsters. Betty and other families who have lost loved ones to the mysterious illness speculate that the government’s refusal to acknowledge the possible presence of the disease cluster in the area could be politically or economically motivated.

Betty told guardian.

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