July 12, 2024

A man pictured at the edge of Victoria Falls before he fell to his death

A man pictured at the edge of Victoria Falls before he fell to his death

A grisly photo shows a tourist advancing towards the edge of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe – just moments before he sank more than 350 feet to his death, according to local media.

Roy George Tinashe Dikinia, 40, was taking turns taking pictures from the top of the massive waterfall when it fell over the edge, witnesses He said Newsday in Zimbabwe.

“We were alerted by the woman’s screaming and she told us that he slipped and fell,” one of them told Dikinia newspaper, who was wearing sandals and was holding several objects with his left hand in the photo.

The witness said, “Because of the rain and fog, we could not track him after that.”

Rescuers from Zimbabwe’s National Parks and Wildlife Service found body parts trapped at the bottom of the strait, which is at least 350 feet high. The Chronicle said.

Authority spokeswoman Tinashe Farao told the newspaper that body parts “are stuck between the rocks.”

He said, “We were not able to positively identify him because of where the body was imprisoned, but we are sure that it is his body.”

He said, “At the moment, we are in contact with other security experts, including the army, to try to find ways to recover the body,” while trying to use a military helicopter.

Government Minister Mangaliso Ndlovu sent his “sincere condolences” to the family of the tourist coming from Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, more than 400 miles from the waterfalls, According to the Herald.

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Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Africa
Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Africa
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“This is a rare, tragic and unfortunate event that we are witnessing in the great Victoria Falls,” Ndlovu said, while promising that “all necessary precautions will be taken to prevent the recurrence of such an unfortunate accident.”

It’s just one final tragedy of people taking pictures from dangerous places. Just weeks ago, prof A Brazilian man died after he fell From a waterfall he takes a selfie.