June 24, 2024

A man once weighed 380 kg – this is how he looks now

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from: Kathryn Rickowski

American Casey King once weighed as much as 380 kilograms. © Screenshot / Instagram.com/_caseyking_

Casey King once weighed 800 lbs. Then he completely changed his life, radically lost weight – and became a role model for thousands of Americans.

Georgia (USA) – an incredible 260 kilograms lighter: American Casey King becomes an inspiration for people in the United States who are faced with an almost impossible task. At his peak, he weighed 380 kilograms, could hardly leave his room and could only take a bath in a wash basin in the garden. He talks about it on his Instagram account, “Caseyking”, which has more than 40,000 followers.

“I haven’t done anything of importance for a long time. I was just someone who sat on the bed, probably went into the living room, watched the little TV, and then went back to my room for a very, very long time.” Daily Star about the king. He swam in the garden because he got stuck in the bathroom before. And he ate “endlessly”, sat naked in his room and played video games.

There is now no trace of all this: in the photos King has now shared, you can see him at public events and helping his mother at work. Or simply being in nature, exercising and getting ready to go out. It has changed his life drastically and he is enjoying it to the fullest.

The American lost 260 kilograms: he made his way into the public eye on Instagram

However, the road to a noticeably slimmer body was long. This is also shown by Instagram photos of the stages of losing weight. Over and over again he posts old photos to motivate himself and his followers. “The love I’ve received here is unbelievable,” he wrote in a post showing him exercising in the woods, along with a photo showing him in front of a mirror with a larger weight.

A man standing in front of a mirror taking a selfie
Casey King lost an incredible 260 kilograms – it is hardly recognizable. © Screenshot / Instagram.com/_caseyking_

His rethinking began when he received a dire warning from a doctor: “If you maintain this weight, you may die soon.” King decided to take his life into his own hands. He went to the gym, went for a walk in the pool. The gastric band also helped him to eat less food. King participated in a reality TV show and got his motivation from his Instagram followers. This still helps him today.

Casey Kind Lost 500 Pounds: “People Always Ask Me About This Skin”

He still has one problem: If King looks in the mirror, you can’t miss the leather flaps on his stomach. The pounds took their toll on his body, and weight loss showed the effects. He commented on one of the photos, saying, “People keep asking me about this skin.” “People think skin tags are long gone, but that’s something I haven’t done yet.”

And then, in the way he inspires others, he added, “Maybe one day I’ll get it all done. But for now, I’m going to stay focused on losing more weight and not really gaining it.” Well aware of what he’s already achieved and that not everything has to be He instantly conforms to others’ standards, then adds: “Even if I don’t like these pictures, that’s just my reality — for now.”

A man who has lost a lot of weight shows skin tags on his upper body in front of a mirror
Casey King has lost more than 200 kilograms. Marks were left on his body. © Screenshot / Instagram.com/_caseyking_

on the donation platform gofundme He collects money for an operation – he has exceeded the €15,000 target. Meanwhile, more than 19,000 euros have been raised (As of February 28, 2023). So the young American will soon be able to leave the last physical remnants of his old self. (cat)