May 18, 2024

A former Indian politician and his brother were shot dead in front of live TV cameras

Updated on 04/16/2023, 16:40

A former Indian politician and his brother have been shot dead on live TV. Three attackers disguised as journalists opened fire.

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And in India, gunmen disguised as journalists killed a former deputy and his brother on live television while they were handcuffed and taken to hospital by police.

Local police said that during an interview with reporters in the northern Indian city of Prayagraj on Saturday, the three attackers approached 61-year-old Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf and opened fire.

“The attackers have been arrested and are being questioned,” a police official said. According to local media reports, one of the militants held a TV camera, and another held a microphone with a TV station logo on it.

The victims belong to the Muslim minority in India

The two men were to be taken to a hospital for medical examinations and were accompanied by several police officers. The brothers were involved in the criminal underworld in India. Ateeq Ahmed, convicted of kidnapping, has been imprisoned since 2019.

The two victims belong to India’s Muslim minority, but the police did not say if there was a religious motive behind the deadly attack. Television footage showed the attackers shouting slogans in Hindi. Ahmed had previously stated that his life was threatened.

In India, hundreds of politicians of all parties are facing criminal charges, especially many in the state of Uttar Pradesh, where the city of Prayagra is located. Human rights organizations deplore the fact that people are frequently extrajudicially executed in the country. (afp/ari)

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