June 21, 2024

A dose of research: a pressure cooker with new possibilities

A dose of research: a pressure cooker with new possibilities

In the meantime, gastronomy again considered the advantages of a pressure cooker. One example is Chef Ricard Camarena, who published Caldos: El código del sabor in 2015, in which many of his dishes are pressure cooker-based. The Camarena chose an electric model, which gives it greater control over the operation. After 15 years of research, he concluded that the pot allows it to concentrate flavors without adding water.

Series: “Part of the Research”

What is in our food? How will we eat in the future? What are the developments that make this possible? From now on, new video series from Spektrum der Wissenschaft and “Scientific American” will bring you part of the research on a regular basis.

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Mussel soup from pressure cooker

For mussel broth, for example, dried purple garlic, bay leaf, white wine, black pepper, parsley and lemon are used in addition to the mollusks. Put everything in a pressure cooker and heat until steam comes out. The mixture is left for an hour, then filtered, then passed through a cloth sieve again until the broth is completely filtered. Camarena has revolutionized a cooking essential, cutting cooking times and foregoing processes like filtering eggs, giving rise to different types of broths, bucking the trend toward lower-temperature cooking that prevails in contemporary upscale cuisine.

Nathan Myhrvold is also a fan of pressure cookers. In his book Modernist Cuisine, he argues that in this pressurized environment, rice cooks faster, broth acquires flavor, and dietary sugars turn caramel more easily. Given these arguments, devices can regain their relevance.

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However, the competition for space in the kitchen remains. Perhaps the solution lies in new models that are smaller and more adapted to the current needs of chefs. And in re-repute. Preparing dishes in a pressure cooker requires less energy than other methods of preparation, the flavors are more intense and the cooking time is significantly shorter. So what about taking out the appliance that was all the rage in your grandparents’ kitchens?