June 21, 2024

A Dodge Charger driver exceeds the 80's speed limit - that's just how ridiculous he wants to get himself out of it

A Dodge Charger driver exceeds the 80’s speed limit – that’s just how ridiculous he wants to get himself out of it

Despite its fairytale excuse, Razor’s Dodge Charger was eventually towed.

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At first he steps on the throttle, but when stopped, he is very meek: after all, the car owner has a very original interpretation of his rapid movement.

Ontario (Canada) – There are always motorists who try, when they’re driving too fast and getting caught, to avoid a parking ticket with absolutely ridiculous excuses. Whether the throttle is stuck or the urge to go to the toilet cannot be put off: there is almost nothing that traffic police officers have not heard in their daily work.

DrAnd the sI now have a Dodge C.Harger FahrHe thinks from Ontario, Canada, and knocks the bottom out of the barrel: The car owner accelerates across the speed limit at nearly twice the speed, with only 80 km / h allowed. However, patrol officers from the road safety services could catch him and make him drive to the right. It turned out that the car driver had 150 km / h on the speedometer. But a Dodge Charger driver doesn’t seem to want to see that. After all, he just wanted to hear if a wheel was going to vibrate while he was driving. You can read more about the extraordinary speed condition and its consequences at 24auto.de* * 24auto.de is a presentation by IPPEN.MEDIA