June 24, 2024

A businessman wants to sue him for 10 million

A businessman wants to sue him for 10 million

Apparently, Rafael Nadal is in trouble with a businessman. He wants to sue the tennis star for several million damages.

The basics in brief

  • It seems that an Argentine businessman is crazy about Rafael Nadal.
  • The Spanish tennis star wants to sue several million.
  • The reason for this is a planned tour of South America in November.

An Argentine businessman named Lisandro Borges has filed a lawsuit against tennis star Rafael Nadal (36). “We will sue him for 10 million euros,” he was quoted as saying by Ole newspaper.

The reason for the resentment seems to be a planned overseas tour. Nadal is scheduled to play exhibition matches in Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico and the United States. But the last stop becomes a problem.

“Evil boss”

Because it is not possible to play in Chicago for unspecified reasons, Borges was apparently looking for a replacement. Meanwhile, Nadal’s agent Carlos Costa (54) is said to have found a replacement on his own. Now this leads to trouble.

Is Nadal the best tennis player of all time?

Borges spoke about the breach of contract and told “Todo Noticias” that the boss of the 22-times main champion is a villain. “Costa thinks he can do whatever he wants because Nadal is behind him.”

For Rafael Nadal, chaos off the field isn’t the only problem, as the 36-year-old continues to recover from an abdominal muscle strain that forced him to retire at Wimbledon. She is scheduled to return to the Canada Masters in early August.

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