May 21, 2024

A bear kills several sheep in Bavaria | Sciences

A bear apparently killed a two-month-old in the Bavarian state of Rosenheim. A third animal was injured and had to be killed. The State Office for the Environment in Augsburg announced that the incident could be attributed to a bear based on external injuries to the animals and traces found at the site. However, the animal was not seen, and there was no direct encounter between humans and bears.

Recently, a bear left its mark in the provinces of Rosenheim and Miesbach in Upper Bavaria. However, according to previous knowledge, he acts shy towards people.

The same animal may have been out in Tyrol in March. In Brandenburg in the Kufstein region, a picture of a bear was taken by a wildlife camera, Christa Enstrasser Müller, spokeswoman for the Tyrol state government, told the dpa news agency. It could be the same animal.

At the beginning of this week, bear tracks were discovered in the snow near Stanzach in Tyrol’s Reute district, the spokeswoman said. Also found was the carcass of a deer that may have been killed by a bear. However, given the distance – more than 100 kilometers of sightings in Upper Bavaria – it can be assumed that this was a different bear. The “Münchner Merkur” had reported bear tracks in Tyrol.

According to Entstrasser-Müller, the authorities in Tyrol are watching the situation closely, but are not concerned. “There is currently no reason to believe that we are dealing with visible animals,” she said.

According to the Bavarian State Office for the Environment (LfU), the nearest population of bears is in Trentino, Italy, about 120 kilometers from Bavaria. About 100 bears live there. A jogger bear was killed there in early April and captured on Tuesday night.

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