May 23, 2024

99 Flick: Why are Britain running out of candy bars

99 Flick: Why are Britain running out of candy bars

Thanks to a quick vaccination campaign, all the hardships faced by the British people were ended. All deprivation? No: there’s bad news for all fans of soft ice cream in the UK.

The famous “99 Flake” chocolate bar from British company Cadbury has become rare. The “chips” are traditionally served with soft ice cream. Cadbury parent company Mondelez confirmed to the Irish Times that there has been an unexpected large increase in demand recently.

The bottleneck caused a stir in social networks. One user asked “Didn’t we suffer enough?” Others joked that “summer is as good as canceling it.” “It’s not worth ending the lockdown,” satirical account Larry The Cat tweeted on Monday evening.

Mondelez assured that the company is working hard to solve the problem.

The origin name is unclear

The shortfall appears unrelated to the trade disruption caused by Brexit. The Guardian quoted a spokeswoman for Mondelez as saying that they simply did not expect the demand to rise so quickly. One problem: Ice cream “chips” sundae are a type of specially made product that is smaller than the chocolate bars sold to end consumers in supermarkets.

It is made not only near Dublin in Ireland, but also in Egypt, outside the capital, Cairo. This appears to make it difficult to rapidly increase supplies.

So British ice cream fans are already discussing alternatives on social media, such as using Kinder Bones. Others are jokingly calling for mass demonstrations against the biscuit shortage – even if the weather in Great Britain currently does not invite ice cream.

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The exact origin of the name of the popular dessert is unclear. Many Britons believe the number “99” in the name has something to do with pricing. There is also speculation that it could be the house number under which “chips” were first produced.

Obviously, for the manufacturer this is very difficult: Mondelez publishes the myth that the number dates back to “99 guards of the Italian king” – and simply symbolizes exquisite quality.

How well this goes with soft ice cream is unclear.