June 16, 2024

75th birthday - what is Donald Trump actually doing?  - News

75th birthday – what is Donald Trump actually doing? – News

Today, Donald Trump celebrates his 75th birthday. After the former President of the United States was in the news for four years, things have calmed down since he left the White House. The question arises: What’s wrong with Trump? SRF reporter Isabel Jacobi in Washington, DC, has the answers.

Isabel Jacobi

US reporter, SRF

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After studying in the USA and Bern, Jacobi worked for SRF Radio from 1999 to 2005. Then she worked as a freelance journalist in New York. In 2008, she returned to SRF as Producer on Echo der Zeit and became Editor-in-Chief in 2012. Jacoby is the USA correspondent in Washington since summer 2017.

SRF News: Was Donald Trump moment by moment?

Isabelle Jacoby: Not in Florida for three weeks, but in Bedminster/NJ, where he also owns a golf course. Trump wants to stay there for the summer, accompanied by all of his staff. From there he plans different appearances, for example in Georgia or Ohio. He also receives loyal politicians in Bedminster for donation events – such as Elise Stefanik, the new leader of the Republican Party’s parliamentary group in the House, last Friday.

So, Trump has not had enough of the spotlight?

not at all. He still controls the Republican Party. A week ago he appeared at the Republican convention in North Carolina and gave a combative speech for an hour and a half.

Trump still controls the Republican Party.

In addition, almost every day he announces via e-mail the politicians he supports and the politicians he gives up to vote. The former president wants to purge the party of disloyal elements and wind it down completely on his streak in the 2022 congressional elections.

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Still blocked on Twitter and Facebook, Trump has suspended his blog for not being successful. What is the size of his followers?

More than 40 percent of Republican voters still say Trump is more important to them than the party. The Republican Party does not want to lose this powerful faction. Even if we don’t hear much from Trump at the moment, he is very active in the background.

How did he reach his followers?

He occasionally gives interviews on right-wing information channels such as Newsmax. Trump is present on social media through his entourage. In addition, its spokesperson, Jason Miller, is moving to the head of a tech company, promising to create a social media platform for Trump there.

Trump sometimes gives interviews on the right-wing platforms.

However, it is clear: with Twitter and Facebook, Trump has effectively lost a speaker with which he can reach tens of millions of people at the same time. In addition, Facebook is not just a communication platform, but a data machine that Trump used to mobilize his voters. You can’t copy that fast.

Various legal actions are pending against Trump. Could this be his doom?

In theory yes, but not much is known about it. The New York attorney general’s office set up a “grand jury.” You will decide whether to charge a fee for tax offenses. Your decision is expected within six months.

Trump plans several public appearances in the near future. Will he run for president again in 2024?

It is not clear. Trump says he’s thinking about it, and will “soon be explaining something that will please many.” This sounds like a nomination, but it’s not a certainty. Perhaps he’d rather play the kingmaker – after all, Trump is 75 years old today. Clearly, no other candidate stands a chance in the Republican Party if Trump runs. So everyone is eagerly waiting to see if he enters the race again.

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The interview was conducted by Claudia Weber.