Rep. Himes urges assault weapons ban

Rep. Jim Himes

Rep. Jim Himes

Congressman Jim Himes (D-4th District) joined leading gun-safety advocate Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, Democratic leadership, and other proponents of gun safety for a press conference recently to urge passage of a bill to outlaw assault magazines.

Mr. Himes, whose district includes Weston, also supports reinstating the assault weapons ban and legislation to close loopholes that allow the purchase of a gun without a background check.

“We have talked a lot about the things that we need to do. There is absolutely no justification for weapons that were made for the explicit purpose of killing lots of people quickly to be in the hands of civilians. There is no logic for not having comprehensive and intelligent background checks,” Mr. Himes said at the press conference.

He said there is a “pernicious argument, most lately articulated by Gov. Rick Perry of Texas … that more guns in a nation awash in guns will make us safer. The facts, the history, the data show that that is not true. A gun in the home is 22 times more likely to be used in a suicide or a murder than it is to be used in self-defense.”

Mr. Himes said the idea that more American firearms will make the country safer “is not founded in reality, facts, or history; it is founded in the fantasy of testosterone-laden individuals who have blood on their hands for articulating that idea.”

The 4th Congressional District includes Bridgeport, Darien, Easton, Fairfield, Greenwich, Monroe, New Canaan, Norwalk, Oxford, Redding, Ridgefield, Shelton, Stamford, Trumbull, Weston, Westport, and Wilton.

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  • Rlee

    ROTFLMFAO, ROTFLMFAO, ban on alcohol, result, massive mob revenues from bootlegging illicit alcohol, increase in violence and corruption, how solved, repeal prohibition!

    Ban on iliicit drugs, result, massive cartel revenues from trafficking illicit drugs, how to solve, legalize illicit drugs!

    Ban on firearms in schools, result, gun free victim disarmament zones that politicians want more children killed in where killings have quadrupled in since enactment & 60 of the last 61 incidents were in gun free victim disarmament zones where politcians love to see children killed, solution, arm & train teachers who choose to do so.

    Ban on firearms, result, cartels & gang now get into black market supplying firearms to criminals & crazies who by law are not affected by any ban (see Haynes vs US 390, 85, 1968 & 5th amendment and violence increases.

    What about history and current events are you too stupid to realize, oh my bad, demanding a lucid and logical answer from a politician, wont happen again!

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