60 years of the Eichmann trial – “That was the only moment in the trial that I lost my language”

On April 11, 1961, the astonishing trial of Adolf Eichmann, the principal organizer of the Holocaust, began in Jerusalem. Remember Gabriel Bach, the last surviving prosecutor.

“I’m not allowed to go, not one day!” Gabriel Bach, 94, attorney general at Eichmann trial.

Photography: Menachem Kenana (AFP)

Gabriel Bach has given six interviews in the past few days. “There is a lot of interest in Germany in particular, I’m happy.” Even if the 94-year-old says he’s “a little tired,” his voice in the phone sounds clear and loud as always. Bach is the last life of the three accused in the Eichmann trial, which is now celebrating its anniversary. “Not a day has passed in over 60 years that I do not remember a statement or a moment. I won’t be allowed to go, not one day! “

On April 11, 1961, the trial began of Adolf Eichmann before the District Court in Jerusalem, who was a major organizer of the genocide during the Nazi era in his capacity as SS-Obersturmbannführer and head of the Jewish Affairs Department of the Reich’s Main Security Office. It was a process that grabbed the headlines and was covered by about 500 journalists on the site. When the trial began, these images spread around the world: Eichmann in a glass case before a Jerusalem court.

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