April 22, 2024

5:1 over Japan – the Swiss women’s team in the World Cup semi-finals – Sport

  • The Swiss women’s ice hockey team reached the semi-finals at the World Championships in Brampton (Canada).
  • The SIHF team, led by Lara Stalder, beat Japan 5-1.
  • In the semi-finals, Coach Mueller’s team will face defending champions Canada.

After a hard-fought victory 4: 3 in the preliminary round, the Swiss were already warned by the Japanese. But like Monday, they fell into the reserves due to unfocused defensive work. Haruka Toko scored from a 2-1 situation directly after a failed Swiss play.

In the second Swiss majority 10 minutes later, Lara Christine broke the spell. The defender saw the hole in the heavy traffic in front of the goal and scored with a wrist shot.

Angry start to the middle third

The start in the middle third should be decisive: the Swiss started quickly and secured three coveted goals until the 27th minute:

  • Minute 21: Alina Müller, released by Lara Stalder, moves into the offensive third quickly and locks down, and the rebound is unfortunately deflected by a Japanese player into her own goal – 2:1.
  • 25 minutes: Stalder doesn’t attack from the left wing and hits the top right corner beautifully – 3:1.
  • 27 minutes: Stalder fights for the puck behind the Japanese goal. Her cross, still dispersed, comes down on Rachel Enzler, who makes it at an acute angle 4:1 Achieve.

Enzler scored twice

After that, Japan’s goalkeeper Miyu Masuhara had had enough and made way for Riku Kawaguchi. However, the Asians were not capable of a real reaction. In two consecutive instances of the Japanese power stroke, the Swiss were closer to the shorter than the Japanese on the power stroke.

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In the final third, Colin Müller’s minions confidently took the lead – and even increased it: Enzler deflected Müller’s powerful shot into 5: 1 and made herself the only double goal scorer in the game.

At least one Japanese woman turns out to be a bad loser: Akana Hosoyamada pushed Shannon Siegrist into the gang without any motive. The Swiss should have been escorted from the ice with a sore face.

Canada is invincible?

In the semi-finals on Saturday, the SIHF team will meet a supposedly overpowered opponent: the Canadians, Olympic champions and winners of the past two world championships, await. The match is scheduled for 10:00pm CEST (live on SRF).

In the preliminary round, the Swiss national team lost 4-0 to Canada – but in the quarterfinals to Sweden, which is lower than Switzerland, the hosts of the World Cup showed themselves. Anything but impenetrable.