May 18, 2024

50 years without driving license: Hyundai motorists stopped by police

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From: Sebastian Oppenheimer

In the UK, police stopped an unlicensed Hyundai driver – the man had been driving without a ‘rag’ for more than half a century.

Getting a driver’s license usually costs a lot of money – in other countries you have to dig much deeper into your pocket for “rags” than in Germany. Costs depend on, among other things, the number of driving lessons required and how often you fail the test – recently, more new drivers have had to start all over again. In Great Britain, a driver has now completely surrendered his driving licence. Half a century later he is now caught without “rags”.

British police impound 69-year-old Hyundai car – 50 years on the road without a license

Derbyshire Transport Police said on Twitter that they stopped a 69-year-old man in a Hyundai ix20. Apparently the man pretended to the insurance company that he had a driver’s license. The police report that his mistake was a “brazen one”, which brought the whole matter to light. Now it’s over: the police have impounded his car and the driver has been booked for several offences.

Driving for 50 years without a license – “probably a good driver”

The police’s statement on Twitter drew strong criticism. Opinions about human guilt are divided into:

  • “Unfortunately, this case will encourage other fraudsters because the chances of getting caught are slim.”
  • “Why did it take 50 years to catch him? This shows clear and significant flaws in the police system.
  • “It’s a great setting for something like this to happen.”
  • “Let’s face it, he’s probably a good driver.”
  • “He’s probably a better driver than many other road users because he’s eluded the police for 50 years.”
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50 years on the road without a Hyundai driver’s license – a Mini driver managed even longer

For anyone now wondering how he managed to stay undetected for so long: Half a century without a driver’s license, the 69-year-old is still no “front runner.” In 2022, the police in England caught a mini driver who drove for decades without a “rag” – he even went 72 years without a driver’s license. In future, older people without a driving license could be caught sooner – the EU wants to introduce a driving skills test from the age of 70.