March 3, 2024

5.9 million attacks on Emotet - repelled

5.9 million attacks on Emotet – repelled

Law enforcement agencies around the world have successfully disrupted the Emotet botnet. According to its own information, Avast alone prevented over 5.9 million attacks on Emotet on its users worldwide in 2020.

This map shows the countries in which the most Emotet attacks were repelled.

What: Avast

In one of the largest and most effective global removals to date, Emotet servers were taken over by police forces from Canada, France, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the USA, coordinated by Europol and Eurojust. This gave them access to the botnet and data that the Emotet group had collected from their victims.

The Emotet smash is a true milestone in the fight against cybercrime. Emotet acted like a Swiss army knife, enabling criminals to steal passwords, steal money from online bank accounts, and add victims’ computers to robots – and that’s what they did in a remote control system. Censored – with which more phishing campaigns can be launched.Emotet has been known for using powerful obfuscation techniques to make antivirus detection more difficult, and Emotet developers view their malware as a malware as a service so that other criminals can use it, said Adolf Strida, a malware analyst In Avast: “Malware too, so authorities disabling the software is very positive news for the world of cybersecurity.”

To date, there have been no known charges or arrests, indicating that the prosecution may only have yielded results on the attackers’ tools and not on the attackers themselves. This could mean that the Emotet is trying to regroup and rebuild. It is likely that this is due, among other things, to the high adaptability of the group. Even if the group doesn’t have their botnet, they might have extra copies of data to try to create new robots.

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