September 30, 2023

41 years: a 'new' Boeing 737-200 Air Inuit

41 years: a ‘new’ Boeing 737-200 Air Inuit

The Boeing 737-200 is a real old plane. The “thunder pig” is extinct in our part of the world, and is still very popular with airlines in Canada. A carrier recently brought in supplies: Air Inuit’s latest addition to the fleet is over 41 years old.

Small and noisy, a bit stocky, but still hard to be active in old age: this is how the Boeing 737-200 presents itself in the rugged expanses of Canada. While the original version of the 737 has long been history for European airlines, many operators in Canada swear by their “thunder pigs” services. With gravel sets on their landing gear, old-school planes can take off and land on unpaved slopes, bringing cargo and passengers to remote places and not caring that most of their types have long since switched to coke cans. Because here, in Canada, their services are still needed – and that won’t change anytime soon.

Northern Canada

Until the summer of 2021, C-GOPW traveled to the Canadian north from Yellowknife. Now she’s going on a flight to Air Inuit.

Three became four

One airline that relies heavily on the 737-200 is Air Inuit from the province of Quebec. Von ihrem Heimat-Airport Montreal-Trudeau bietet sie mit dem Jet-Oldie Linien- und Charterdienste an – und nutzt dazu die Variante 737-200C (“Convertible”), die je nach Bedarf als reiner Passagierjet, reiner Frachterwende guration in Frachterkonde guration Could you. Air Inuit is so convinced of this version that in September a fourth was added to the three to date: the 737-200C, registered as C-GOPW, was built in 1980 at Boeing’s Renton factory, and in September of the same year by Pacific Western Airlines Air and most recently traveled to the Canadian north of Yellowknife. In the future, she will keep the company of her three sisters at Air Inuit in Quebec.

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‘Very versatile aircraft’

At just over 41 years old, the C-GOPW ranks in the middle of the Air Inuit sub-fleet in terms of age. The oldest 737-200C, the license plate C-GMAI, is over 43 years old, the youngest is 40. Age clearly plays a secondary role for the 737-200, given that it is carefully maintained and equipped with modern avionics, time seems to be struggling with strong classics. In any case, Air Inuit praises the 737-200C on its website as an “extremely versatile aircraft” that gives customers “a wide range of options -” whether you’re planning on doing a mining mission in the Canadian Arctic with 25 employees and £25,000. To transport heavy machinery or want to travel to an exotic destination with 111 of your closest friends. “