March 3, 2024

400m relay final - frustrating sprint relay

400m relay final – frustrating sprint relay

Switzerland follows the women’s over 4x400m surprisingly in the final. Reaching the final exceeds the expectations of Silk Lemmons, Julia Niederberger, Annina Fehr and Jasmine Geiger. The Swiss Quartet didn’t run an impressive time of 3:29.11 minutes, but it was very compact. The quartet also benefited from a bit of luck: the highly ranked Dutch women were disqualified due to a wrong substitution, and the strong Polish women failed with Team B and Ukraine to ninth place by 14 hundredths.

Annina Fahr, Julia Niederberger, Silk Lemmons and Jasmine Geiger stage a coup.Photo: cornerstone

Sprint follows disappointedly

Swiss fast relay over 4 x 100 meters disappointed in the final with 7th place and 42.81 seconds. The Quartet was given a better rating primarily in the latest change, which went completely wrong. The chance to get bronze was there this time because of Great Britain fumbled.

Warner was injured

The decathlon ended in a big way for Canadian Damien Warner, who was the leader after four majors, who succumbed in the 400m on his back straight and grabbed his thigh with a sore face. The Olympic champion won the all-around title in Gotzis for the seventh time this year and was considered the frontrunner.

Drama about Canadian Damien Warner.

Drama about Canadian Damien Warner.Photo: cornerstone


All track and field world records


All track and field world records

Source: ap / gero breloer

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