July 16, 2024

4-2 Final Victory Over Russia – Swiss Female Footballers Defend World Title – Sport

4-2 Final Victory Over Russia – Swiss Female Footballers Defend World Title – Sport

  • Thanks to the 4-2 victory over Russia in the Curling World Cup Final in Calgary, the Swiss team won the title.
  • A two-person home on the fourth edge of Switzerland makes all the difference.
  • With this, the team surrounding Skip Silvana Tirinzoni is repeating the 2019 victory.

In the final against the Russian national team, the Swiss had to wait a long time and walk a long distance. In the fourth finale they came 3-1 at the end thanks to a house of two men.

After that, however, both teams are on the clock. 3 zero ends are indicated in a row. At the eighth end, the Russians had to write a stone and hand over the oath of the last finishing stone to Switzerland.

The Swiss women were by far the strongest of the 14 teams in the entire World Cup, with only one defeat in 15 matches. All other statistical evaluations speak on their behalf and confirm their great achievements during the ten days of competition.

6 Swiss World Championship titles in the last 9 years

Not only do Melanie Barbizat, Esther Neuschwander, Sylvana Terenzoni and Alena Batz of CCAraw tell her success story, but she also follows the Swiss woman’s success story in general. Since 2012, since Davos’ victory over Skip Mirjam Ott in Lethbridge, Canada, the Swiss have awarded the best teams from other major curling countries such as Canada, Sweden and Scotland with just three World Cup titles. Keep the other six to themselves.

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In a total of 14 victories in Calgary, the Swiss women have faced only three times – in the quarter-finals against Scotland and the USA as well as in the final – at a distance of ten full finishes. In the remaining eleven matches, the opponents surrender after the ninth finish at the latest, often before then.

In the match for third place, the United States beat the Swedish Olympic champion 9-5.