October 3, 2023

336 omicron cases in the UK - coronavirus mass infection in Malaga

336 omicron cases in the UK – coronavirus mass infection in Malaga

In France, the seven-day infection rate has risen to more than 400. So Prime Minister Jean Castix has ordered nightclubs to close for an initial four weeks starting next Friday.

People over the age of 65 can get support at any vaccination center without making an appointment.

Castex put the number of confirmed cases of the Omikron variant at 25. Twenty-one of those previously infected were in countries in South Africa.

Mass infection in Malaga

68 employees of the Intensive Care Department of Malaga Regional University Hospital tested positive for coronavirus. All of the infected were at the same Christmas party on December 1. You have previously received a negative rapid test result or received a third vaccination. A total of 173 employees attended the birthday party. It is unclear whether those affected had the Omikron variant.

Over 300 Omicron cases in the UK

In Great Britain, the Omikron variant continues to spread. For the first time, several infected people who had recently traveled abroad were identified. Health Minister Sajid Javid said the alternative was now jumping from region to region: “The number of confirmed cases in the UK is 336 – all infected by definition. Some may be asymptomatic, others may feel sick. As far as I know, no entry has been made. them hospital so far.

High-risk area in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, which Germany has been running as a high-risk area since Sunday, is about to introduce compulsory vaccinations for some professions and population groups.

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Vaccinations will be mandatory for everyone over the age of 60, but also for employees in most health and care sectors, as well as in the police and military. Failure to comply will result in a business ban. Health Minister Adam Vojtech said this was a trend that would take root in Europe.

In the Czech Republic, the vaccination rate is 59.6 percent, and the European Union average is 66.4 percent.