31 burgers please! A mother gave her son her mobile phone, and after a while the delivery service rang

Two-year-old Talabat from the delivery service, and the mother takes it with good humor.

Houston (Texas / USA) – mother of Texas I was amazed when suddenly the doorbell rang and the delivery service placed an order. Her 2-year-old son quickly ordered something himself – not too tight!

Barret (2) seems to be very independent indeed. He can order everything himself using his mother’s mobile phone. © montage of Facebook / Kelsey Burkhalter Golden

Kelsey Burkhalter-Golden is a mother of three young children who also works from home.

“If my mom works so hard, she must be really hungry too,” Ben Barrett might think. So he took Kelsey’s cell phone and ordered food.

A few minutes later, delivery service rang at the door – with two large bags of McDonald’s.

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Nice video: Labrador becomes a tiger mother

Because Barrett ordered a cheeseburger. 31 pieces to be exact.

But the eyes were clearly greater than the appetite. Barret only managed half a burger, and then it’s over. The rest was abandoned.

Mum Kelsey took it with humor, writing on Instagram: “I have 31 free McDonald’s cheeseburgers if anyone is interested. It looks like my 2-year-old knows how to order DoorDash.” DoorDash is a popular delivery app in the US.

Fun cost $91.70 (about 88 euros). Because little Barrett has not forgotten the tip: the equivalent of 15 euros for a delivery service employee on top of that.

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