300kg ray in Cambodia – the world’s largest freshwater fish caught in the Mekong River – News

  • A fisherman catches the largest freshwater fish ever recorded in the world in the Mekong River in Cambodia.
  • This animal is a giant freshwater ray, its length is four meters and weighs about 300 kilograms.
  • The female was captured on June 13 in the northeast of the country. The previous record was held by 293 kilograms of giant catfish in the Mekong region.


“When people see these animals out there and realize how amazing they are, they get inspired,” says Zeb Hogan.

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The latest discoveries have left the team of the US-Cambodian research project “Wonders of the Mekong River” speechless, and “National Geographic” magazine quoted the head of the research project, Zeb Hogan.

Hunting gives new hope, he asserts: “It proves that these critically endangered underwater giants still exist.” Unlike the giant catfish, the giant ray was not killed and eaten, but rather released back into the wild with an acoustic tracking device.

People hold the fish in a plastic sheet filled with water.


Scientists watch the new record holder as she travels down the river. “It is such a contradiction. It means that all is not lost.”

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The fish was named “burami”, which means “full moon” in the Khmer language – because its body shape is not only round, but was also released back into the Mekong during the last full moon. In Cambodia, the term is also used to refer to beautiful women.

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