June 22, 2024

3-set win over Evans - successful comeback: Federer beats the world number 28 in Doha - sport

3-set win over Evans – successful comeback: Federer beats the world number 28 in Doha – sport

  • Roger Federer wins the rematch after 405 days without a serious match at the ATP 250 Championship in Doha against Daniel Evans 7: 6 (10: 8), 3: 6, 7: 5.
  • And above all, the Swiss can count on a solid dispatch and a solid finish.
  • Georgian Nikolos Basilashvili is now waiting in the quarter-finals.

After a year-long hiatus from the competition, Roger Federer has arguably not forgotten how to play tennis. Not even a grueling triple-action could stop the Swiss: he won against formidable Daniel Evans (ATP 28) after nearly two and a half hours in Doha.

Important result: the service was successful from the start. In the first set, the Basel player won 85 percent of points after the first serve, and also hit 7 aces.

The essence with the paddle frame

Federer had to pass the first real test at 4: 4 in the first set: Evans had his first game break. The 39-year-old Federer reacted as if at his best by sending an accurate outward, followed by a powerful front blow. A little later, he switched the ball for the third set to 8: 6 in the tiebreak.

But Federer also recorded quite a few flies and tire balls. So, after 2 of these consecutive fouls, he had to drop serving to score 1: 3 in the second round, and shortly thereafter he missed the chance to break the serve due to another inaccuracy. Federer has always taken these moments with humor.

Shortly thereafter, Evans won his first set (6: 3) in the fourth showdown with Federer – also because the success numbers when he sent the Swiss were slightly lower.

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Federer strong ending

In the balanced third set, Federer appeared just in time to make the decision: at 5: 4, he was stuck in Evans’ serving game for the first time, but missed the first match point.

After just two games, he put his British counterpart under pressure again and earned another two match points. With a nice winner in the long streak, he finished the game to a 7: 6 (10: 8), 3: 6, 7: 5 win.

Federer wins the fourth duel with Evans. Georgia’s Nikolaus Basilashvili (ATP 42) waits in the next round before facing the Championship No. 4 Denis Shapovalov in the semifinals.