May 23, 2024

3 rice cakes fail

3 rice cakes fail

We all know this: We’re on the road and suddenly we’re hungry. Many people then turn to rice cakes, which have a healthy reputation for being low in calories and fat. People who care about their calorie intake love to have a popular snack. But consumption can have a negative effect on our health, as the Öko-Test has now shown.

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It has been tested

Rice cakes specially formulated for infants and young children as well as nine organic products with no indication of age were screened in a single test. Tested for content of toxic elements such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, mold toxins, mineral oil components, pesticides and acrylamide contaminants.

A scary result: all products contain harmful substances. Only one product was rated ‘satisfactory’, two were rated ‘poor’ and the rest even ‘inadequate’. It is suspected that the contained substances have a detrimental effect on the body: the consumption of arsenic can increase the risk of developing cancer in the long term, cadmium harms the kidneys and can impair reproduction, and mold has a mutagenic effect.

Ökotest 2022: The Three Rice Cakes Fail

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