October 4, 2023

2880 projects and 158 million francs

2880 projects and 158 million francs

The FLS Swiss Landscaping Fund has supported a variety of projects for the preservation, modernization and restoration of cultural landscapes close to nature for 30 years. However, compliance is becoming more and more difficult due to climate change, loss of biodiversity, urban sprawl, and the diminishing diversity and quality of landscapes.

To mark the 700th anniversary of the founding of the federation, Parliament established the FLS on May 3, 1991 – since then, the Federal Funding Instrument has funded some 2,880 projects for a total of 158 million francs.

However, on our 30th anniversary, we should not only look back, but above all we also look forward, FLS reports. The Development Fund is also consciously using the anniversary of its founding for a strategic view of the future, in its fourth decade.

Also over the next ten years, FLS wants to foster informed participation in landscape development and also help in finding, finding and walking new paths. Previous FLS financing activities must be complemented by new, innovative approaches geared towards landscaping. Technical progress, digitization and a growing awareness of landscape values ‚Äč‚Äčopen up new possibilities here, as it continues.

For example, digital tools can facilitate the preservation of semi-natural cultural landscapes or create new forms so that residents can participate.

In addition to searching for new and innovative approaches in landscape enhancement, FLS intends to continue to identify and promote specific focal points through thematic “mini campaigns” in the next few years. Water with its importance to landscapes, biodiversity, nature experiences or the landscape value of agroforestry projects could be potential examples.

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