April 22, 2024

25 Years of USI - Honorary Doctorate of Former ETH President

25 Years of USI – Honorary Doctorate of Former ETH President

25 years of USI

Ticino is an honorary doctorate to former ETH President

The University of Italian-Speaking Switzerland (USI) will be 25 years old in 2021. In celebration of the anniversary, Lino Guzella, former president of ETH Zurich, was awarded an honorary doctorate.

Lino Guzzella of ETH Zurich was awarded one of five honorary doctorates of the year from the University of Ticino. (Archive image)


(he sat) Universit√† della Svizzera italiana in Lugano and Mendrisio began operations in 1996. It is the youngest university in Switzerland and currently has nearly 3000 students. Many of them come from Italy. Several invited guests celebrated USI’s 25th birthday on Saturday with various celebrations throughout the entire Ticino. The most prominent well-wisher was Federal Chancellor Ignazio Cassis.

USI’s 25th honorary doctorate was also awarded at the anniversary celebrations, which were held simultaneously at various locations of the University of Ticino. As reported by USI, these will go to Albert S. Kyle, David Shum, Fabiola Gianotti, Dennis Scott Brown and Lino Gusela. The latter is a former university president and former president of ETH Zurich. The 63-year-old is still a professor of thermoelectronics there.

In the letter, Ignacio Cassis said that the enthusiasm of the young university is a good thing for Switzerland. In general, according to the Ticino Federal Council, more science is needed in politics. But more policy in science is needed to ensure that scientific and technological discoveries serve humanity and not the other way around, according to the Federal Reserve. According to Monica Duca Widmer, Chair of the USI Board of Directors, politics and society have shown in recent years that they are ready to recognize the importance and value of the work done at the university.

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