COMMENTARY: Choose humans, not phones

weston-typewritier-commentaWhile recently out to dinner, I noticed the family of three sitting next to me were all on their phones — heads down, not talking to anyone. Each person was immersed in his or her phone, not with the living, breathing human across the table.

This baffles me. They probably spent more than $50 on dinner, waited 30 minutes to sit down and they’re all on their phone.

The sad fact is, this example is not abnormal. People’s cell phones have become appendages they can’t seem to let go of. But let me tell you something … you can do it.

Now, don’t let me break out into full-on song here, but let it go, let go of your phone. Engage in an actual conversation with the person in front of you.

And as we approach the holiday season with Thanksgiving this week, I challenge you and your family to put the phones down at meal time and when guests come to visit. Don’t turn them off or on silent, just collect them and put them away. Take advantage of being with family and friends and loved ones. Talk to one another.

Just because people seem to post their daily life stories on social media, it is still appropriate to ask someone how their day was.

Facebook can wait, Twitter can wait, Instagramming your turkey dinner can wait.

Take the time to get in touch with the people sitting at the dinner table. Play board games, watch football, go for a walk around the neighborhood before dinner. There are plenty of options besides sitting in silence staring at a four-inch screen.

Think people won’t cooperate? Make it more fun: Place bets. See who will crack first and look at their phone — and the loser does dishes.

The point is, the holiday season is about being with people you care about, so put the phone down and appreciate the things you have to be thankful for.

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