21 years of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Melee: Masahiro Sakurai shares designs for the opening-ntower

Today is 21 years old, on November 21, 2001 Super Smash Bros. Melee It was first released in Japan for the Nintendo GameCube – a European release followed six months later. Even in Nintendo Switch times, the fun brawler is still hugely popular with fans, that is guaranteed regular addresses. Masahiro Sakurai has a match 21st anniversary He posted a video on YouTube in which, among other things, he gave exclusive insights into Story drafts and concept drawings for the CG opening Share. Whether it’s the Sheik playing the ukulele, the image of Zelda in the starry sky, or Kirby’s appearance on the warp star – every second of the prologue has been planned in detail. Here, see and read Sakurai’s notes written by the indefatigable Japanese over the Christmas holidays of 2000:

© Masahiro Sakurai


© Masahiro Sakurai


© Masahiro Sakurai

For many fans, this is the end Super Smash Bros. intro video Melee Best opening of the entire Smash series:

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Finally, check out the full file here Super Smash Bros. video Melee by Masahiro Sakurai As the Smash creator goes into more detail about the music and considerations in developing the second Super Smash Bros. spin-off:

In the developer’s next video, Masahiro Sakurai will cover Kirby Air Ride – and we’ll cover that in the news, too.

What memories do you associate with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Melee and the Opening?

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