2 goals from the penalty shootout in Wankdorf – Nassim Balotelli’s counters explained: 1: 1 between Wade and Sion – Sport

He didn’t talk much about FC Sion before the guest appearance in the capital. The Valais have not won any of their 32 away matches against YB in the Premier League. However, statistics did not deter the guests in Bern and they withstood the lead across the board.

Balotelli scores again

The combative appearance of the supposed strangers in the 52nd minute was rewarded by Loris Benito, of all people from Bern: the YB defender underestimated the wide ball and also acted clumsily in the subsequent duel against Itaitinga. The subsequent penalty was a matter for the coach – Mario Balotelli managed to transform Valles’ lead with confidence.

YB’s response followed shortly thereafter. In the 63rd minute, Jean-Pierre Nesmi won with a penalty kick in the penalty area, which the returner immediately converted himself. Unlike Balotelli, there wasn’t much missing here, and Heinz Lindner could have directed the ball decisively into Setien’s net.

This stage of the game made up for a long duel with few chances, which only had one thrill in the first half. In the 25th minute, Ittenga’s shot hit the post and David von Palmos was unable to defend it.

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Seon ends drought spell

In the latter stages, both teams had lucky chances. Sion striker Filip Stolikowicz had two chances, but found his master in the 74th minute and eight innings later from a promising position at von Palmos.

Because shortly before the end of the match, Donat Rodani also hit the goal from close range on the other side, Valle ended a long drought: thanks to a 1-1 draw, Paolo Tramizani’s side scored their first point in Berne since November 2015.

Here’s how to proceed

There’s another home game for the Young Boys next weekend: On Sunday afternoon, the Bernese host FC Basel in Wankdorf. FC Sion will compete against FC Zurich – also on Sunday and in front of their home fans.

SRF two, SL, October 16, 2022, 7:00 p.m.;

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