December 10, 2023

2 content patches in 2 years - players get angry

2 content patches in 2 years – players get angry

world of cans It brings as little content as never before – and that has caught the players’ attention. The direct comparison infuriates many.

World of Warcraft is a far cry from the height right now. Criticism of Blizzard continues to grow and this is not only because of the sexism scandal, but also because of the content in the MMORPG. He’s been pretty poor for a while now. In the WoW subreddit, players now look back and note: We only have one content patch per year.

Why are the players so dissatisfied? There are several reasons for this. For one thing, World of Warcraft is still a “premium game.” It requires not only a subscription, but also a new extension every two years, which must also be purchased.

The second point is that other games at a similar cost offer much more and bring in two to three major content patches each year.

In the meantime Reddit thread blocked User newaltair wrote:

When I discovered Patch 9.1.5, I just realized that we have only received one content patch per year for the past two years. One was in January 2020 and the other in June 2021. And if the rumors are true, we’ll only get one in 2022. […]

I know there’s a lot going on at Blizzard right now, but what exactly are we pushing?

In this case, “content patches” actually mean big patches that actually bring innovations in the form of content and game content. This does not mean much smaller “X.5” patches.

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Then the statement is actually true. Patch 8.3 was released in January 2020, the Shadowlands expansion was released in November, and the only major patch for Shadowlands content was Patch 9.1, which was released in June.

Players are angry – WoW is not getting enough patches.

Another Reddit user, AmericanPicketFence, compares the speed of the Shadowlands patch with the speed of updates from previous expansions and paints a bleak picture:

In Mists of Pandaria, Patch 5.4 was released at the same time that Patch 9.1.5 is now released.

Warlords of Draenor had patch 6.2.3 around the same time as patch 9.1.5 now. […]

In Legion, a year after its release, there was only a fourth raid class with patch 7.3. Meanwhile, we’re still on the second raid in Shadowlands and have no idea when 9.2 will come out.

At about the same time as Patch 9.1.5, Battle for Azeroth released two much larger regions [als Korthia] And the third raid layer, it also brought new crafting materials. Compare that to Shadowlands, where some professions stop at 75 because they were too lazy to fetch more.

By the way, they charge 13 euros per month for this.

So the mood is still very bleak and objectively, very little is happening in World of Warcraft at the moment when compared to previous expansions.

Why isn’t something coming up with WoW right now? There must be a number of reasons for this. On the other hand, World of Warcraft has suffered greatly from the Covid pandemic. Even the release of Shadowlands had to be delayed because the developers didn’t finish in time. This delay is now being pulled from patch to patch and will likely continue into 2022 until the next WoW expansion is announced.

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At the same time, the WoW team faced harsh criticism for the available content. Players did not like much of the game content, so a lot of time had to be invested in optimization. This, too, is likely to significantly delay the development of new content.

However, it seems clear that loyal fans of WoW are going to have a tough time in the coming months and that the new content will be here for a long time. It remains to be seen if Blizzard will succeed in ending Shadowlands.

At least patch 9.1.5 has a release date – Then the developers will finally have time to work on patch 9.2…