16 stranded dolphins have been rescued by townspeople in Canada

16 dolphins washed ashore near Digby, Canada on Friday. After a call for help, dozens of residents showed up.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • Residents of the Canadian town of Digby rescued 16 stranded dolphins on Friday.
  • After the tide went out, the animals got stuck in the mud.
  • Together with local authorities, people went into cold water – with success.

Become a resident of a Canadian city Celebrated for a heroic deed. About 40 people from Digby, in the eastern province of Nova Scotia, rescued 16 stranded dolphins on Friday.

Do you like dolphins?

The animals got stuck in the mud after the flood receded. Earlier, they hunted fish near the shore.

Linda Crewcock, a woman from nearby Annapolis Royal, spotted the dolphins stuck in her car through binoculars.

“People have lost their shoes and socks”

As a result, Crewcock alerted the Marine Animal Response Society. However, the animal rights activists could not arrive in time – local authorities had to be called quickly.

Crewcock also reached out to Digby and residents of a school via social media. With success: three young men quickly came to the rescue. Eventually 40 people gathered Water. “It was a unique experience,” says the rescuer.

“It was like angels walking through the mud to help. It was amazing,” Crewcock told CBC.

In addition to many volunteers, it was a plus for the rescue operation Weather. Temperatures on Friday were unusually high for the year and that too Water Not too cold.

“People lost socks and shoes and were covered in mud, but everyone stuck together,” Groocock said, according to Global News. “It was a team effort that had a positive outcome for the dolphins.”

A few small dolphins managed to swim off the tarpaulins and rides In deep water To be pulled. However, according to Crewcock, all the released dolphins were waiting for the entire group.

When the tide came back in and everyone was free a few hours later, you could hear the dolphins chirping together.

Dolphins can survive for six hours

Tonya Wimmer, executive director of the Marine Animal Response Society, is delighted with the rescue efforts of Digby residents: “We are very fortunate to have people in our communities who care about these animals and the oceans in the coastal provinces. Something to worry about. When there’s a need, people respond,” he told the CBC.

According to Wimmer, dolphins can survive out of water on a breathing basis for six hours or more. However, the sooner they return the better Water to bring.

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