July 13, 2024

150 years in Britain

150 years in Britain

On March 8, 2023, Deutsche Bank will celebrate its 150th anniversary in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It opened a branch in London in 1873 – the first in another European country at the time. Today more than 7,000 people work at Deutsche Bank in Great Britain. It is one of the largest employers in the City of London.

“We want to expand our business in Great Britain. After three years, Deutsche Bank has successfully completed its transformation and is now stable, secure and back on a growth path. The UK plays an important role in our future,” said the bank’s executive board with responsibility for the UK region, corporate banking and investment banking. Fabrizio Campelli says.

Tiina Lee, Head of UK Bank added: “Our success in the UK is based on the strength of our core business. Many companies and financial institutions rely on us as their trusted advisers and lenders. We fund and support many of the UK’s most important businesses. We connect British companies to the world and the world to Great Britain. , and we are well-positioned to do so thanks to our global presence and our range of services.

The annual film “150 Years of Connecting the UK” shows the bank’s commitment not only to its customers and employees, but also to the country and society, for example by achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Later in the year, the bank will also move into its new UK headquarters at 21 Moorfields in London. The representative new building is one of the largest in the City of London, half the size of the O2 Arena. It should be a great example of how we bring the newly designed workplaces to life and receive customers in style.

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