June 23, 2024

142 score points. Andres Ambühl tied another record against Canada

Andres Ambul celebrates his goal in the 3-1 win against Canada. Grisons’ Georg Eberle tied the score with his 142nd point for the national team.


Andres Ambul leads Canada 3-2 at the Ice Hockey World Championships 3-1. The gate is important and at the same time has historical significance. Grisons equaled the record with his 142nd point in the national outfit.

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  • Andres Ambul scored in Switzerland’s 3-2 win over Canada to tie the game 3-1 at the World Cup.
  • With his 142nd score point in the Swiss outfit, Ambul tied with Jörg Eberle. This is another achievement that the 39-year-old punter can be proud of.
  • Ambul was aware of the feat but insisted in the interview that he had the win against Canada in mind.

Andres Ambühl is the hero of the record. The 39-year-old is competing in his 18th World Cup in Riga – a record one. Switzerland added another record to Ambulin’s collection with a 3-2 win over heavyweights Canada on Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile, Ambul scored for Switzerland to make it 3-1. It was his 142nd point in the Swiss outfit. Thus, the Davos native is tied with Georg Eberle. Ambul humbly acknowledges this post: “Yesterday I heard somewhere that it is possible. I didn’t really take it to heart.” The win over Canada was the focus.

Also won against Canada. Arrow had a pivotal moment in the game. “Nico’s goal (Hischier to 1: 1, Editor’s note) came at exactly the right moment,” says the newly crowned record holder in an interview with “SRF”. Canada held the lead and the equalizer kept Switzerland up to speed. Switzerland then turned the game around and won 3:2.

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The quarter-finals are all set – the Swiss still need to maintain their lead in the standings

It was the fifth win in five games for the Swiss national ice hockey team. When asked about this balance, Ambul says: “We have improved from game to game and developed our game further. For us, we have to keep going.

The Swiss have two more group games to play. Next Sunday, the Czech Republic invites you to a great fight in Group B. On Tuesday evening, hosts Latvia take part in the event. Switzerland have already qualified for the quarter-finals, so the last two games will see them stay at the top of the table.