October 4, 2023

11 of the most bizarre sports leagues in the world

11 of the most bizarre sports leagues in the world

Just look at the European Championships or the Olympics this summer and see that elite sport offers something essential and irresistible to billions of people around the world. However, all over the world there are some very popular alternative sports that amateurs share the same appeal, from cheese hunting to women’s pregnancy. Although there is almost no maintenance and described as very exotic, there is no shortage of entertainment. Not all of these quests can be found on the edge of the map – many of the strangest of them take place here in the British Isles.

1. Wild Diving, Vanuatu

While the tensile and interlocking forces of failure are all part of Modern Seiltauchen, Vanuatu’s Introduction to the Modern Methodological Version is a more serious topic. On Pentecost Island, in the South Pacific archipelago of Vanuatu, divers have to jump from platforms up to 30 meters high with nothing but tree vines tied around their legs. While disruptions and deaths seem almost guaranteed, they rarely occur in this test of courage. For boys it is a rite of passage into manhood. In men, increasing the annual yield seems to help. For women who do not participate, it is a very intense spectator sport.

2. Medieval football, Great Britain

The media-savvy world of the Premier League has nothing to do with the chaotic and often brutal game of football: an authentic version of football today that emerged in the Middle Ages. In UK pockets including cities AshburnAnd Atherston and Jedberg, those centuries-old hatchets still linger. Just like their ancestors, townspeople crowd the cobblestone streets to play a game that has more to do with rugby than football. The rules, which often happen on or around Shrove Tuesdays, vary from place to place, but the idea is to simply move the ball from one side of the city to the other. Complicating matters is the fact that hundreds of opponents are trying to push him back in the opposite direction.

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3. Bo Taoshi, Japan

The Japanese are often seen as always conservative and polite, but every now and then everything is pushed out the window and some tougher versions of the patriotic spirit are released. This is definitely the case during Bo TaushiStunningly violent game where a team of 75 people have to defend a column against an equal number of attackers. And they are attacking. This team game requires participants to wear protective headgear, but during this extraordinary display of Capture the Flag each November at the National Defense Academy of Japan in Yokosuka, this is rarely enough to attack.