Bee researcher to discuss resin in the hive at Weston meeting

weston-bee-honeycombMike Simone-Finstrom, a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of North Carolina in the Department of Entomology, will lead a discussion at the monthly meeting of the Back Yard Beekeepers Association on Tuesday, May 28, at 7:30 p.m. at Norfield Church in the parish hall.

The main interests of Mr. Simone-Finstrom’s research broadly lie within the fields of behavioral ecology and insect physiology under an evolutionary framework. More specifically, he is interested in mechanisms of disease and stress resistance and impacts of parasites on honeybees at both the individual and group/colony levels.

Mr. Simone-Finstrom’s talk on Tuesday is “Propolis and honeybees: What’s the use of resin in the hive?”

The Back Yard Beekeepers Association (BYBA) has been educating the public about honeybees and beekeeping for more than 15 years. With more than 300 members, both experienced and those just getting started, the association is one of the nation’s largest regional clubs for beekeeping hobbyists.

A meeting designed specifically for new beekeepers is at 6:30 (prior to the regular meeting). BYBA also hosts the Wannabees, a program for children.

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  • Dennis

    Let’s pretend that the losses of honeybees now being documented are a natural phenomena.

    Believing that would make those of you in the bee community what the British call, nutters?

    What’s actually going on is a Geo-engineered blockage of ultraviolet (UV) in the “B” spectrum (UVB).

    But you don’t have to take my word for it, nor should you dismiss what I am telling you out of hand.

    Do your own  research and talk to other beekeepers.  As we enter the annual UV winter, things will get worse.  The effect could be total.  We are facing a potential, bee Armageddon. Few understand what that will mean to life on Earth.  The net result will be beyond most people’s ability to confront.

    I am always amused when I hear someone talking about, “cold and flu season,” or when some quack claims that its caused by the weather turning colder with no real understanding of the actual cause at all.

    I spent some winters in or near Hastings MN.  When the temperatures dropped to double digits below zero F, I loved to go out and sit on the bank of the Mississippi and watch the seagulls of the same variety I often watched in The Great Salt Lake, UT and on the beach in Santa Monica, CA. in other winters.  I wondered how these birds thrived in such different places.  Why, with their flying skills, didn’t they migrate.  

    Would you believe, excellent eyesight, into the UV spectrums?  These birds see more and apparently see it better than other birds, allowing then to find food year round.  When other birds enter “the dark of the UV winter,” they fly south in search of UV solar energy that they can see.  UV lights up their world.

    Humans who can’t see ultraviolet solar energy, ignore UV and so just attribute ultra important things to what they can “feel” alone.  Humans don’t “LOOK” beyond that.  They ignore what is very obvious to the birds and the bees that see ultraviolet and depend on it.  Humans also depend on ultraviolet to live, but can’t see it and so “won’t” know it and don’t think about it.  Yet, humans and most animals such as birds, utilize UVB to chemically convert cholesterol in their skin or on their feathers into vitamin D3, an essential vitamin for all.

    But humans are blind to the UV spectrum so they almost choose to remain blind to things that are obvious to sparrows and bugs.  At least, those humans who proudly proclaim that specific form of blindness called medical doctor.  Most veterinarians know much more.  Vets need to know what their patients see and don’t have to make it up.  

    I remember the artist, Buffy Saint Marie who said, “Some people say I see visions because I am a Indian… I see visions because there are visions to be seen.”

    The Hawaiian people were once the world’s premiere ocean navigators.  They could observe the obvious and so could “see” and so wove ocean maps so others might also see ocean currents and variations in sea levels that the rest of us needed satellite born radar to discover and follow.  They would stick a hand in a current to discover and so map it as cooler or warmer than the ocean at its edge.

    “I see,” says the blind man.

    The Geo-engineered blocking on UVB solar energy is perhaps the dumbest move since nuclear power.  

    If your hive is sick or dying, put a touch of cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) in their non-GMO sugar water.

    What have you got to lose?

    Dennis H. Clarke

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