March 3, 2024

100 "PM Knowledge" episodes on ServusTV: "Hold Up the Flag of Science"

100 “PM Knowledge” episodes on ServusTV: “Hold Up the Flag of Science”

But are there comparisons, for example, with regard to stress?

Exactly as well. The reasons for the roof to fall on your head are the same in the voluntarily chosen isolation of the space station. The mechanisms we use to build resilience in analog astronauts are the same as we recommend to people in everyday life. It starts with creating a daily structure, setting daily goals, or not neglecting personal hygiene. I always say, even if no one has ever traveled to Mars, the first is involuntary now with Covid.

Leaked with Covid and inflated on social media, there are doubts about science and conspiracy theories. How do you see it, and how do you deal with it, for example with “PM Knowledge”?

We experienced a polarization in depth that frankly astounded me and scared me a little. It was surprising how quickly people were digging into themselves with their perspectives – also thanks to social media, which acts as an emotion amplifier – and dive into their bubble. It has been very important for us at “PM Wissen” to raise the flag and provide a very neutral and very clean report on topics such as vaccine development.

As you know, ServusTV has also been in the crosshairs of criticism with the appearance of Sucharit Bhakdi and Co.

Our path in “PM Knowledge” was very clear, Flag image To draw this may not and cannot be as much of a headline. We noticed from the reactions on social media that many people did a good job, and that we slowed down and relaxed with this kind of reporting.

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Knowledge and conscience

Is there some basic misunderstanding about how to deal with the scientific findings?

Certainly. Science is a process and this is what distinguishes us from religion. Also, we are able to review errors because the state of the data has changed or something was not known or could not be known at a certain time. The results are what we as scholars can offer with the best of our knowledge and belief as closest to the truth. The highest level of science has not been rigged at this point in time. This is why science is also exposed to international discourse and technical debate. It may not be the best process, but it is what we know best.

During your TV career, were there any moments when you were surprised, puzzled, or brought new insights?

Happen a lot. This is the exciting thing about this work and why I love it so much – you are forced to think outside the boundaries of your topic. If, for example, there is a contribution about experimental archeology or a contribution related to psychology, in which you are in a CT scan or when you are present when a missile is launched or when an author is placed in the lightning laboratory at the University of Graz, then these are simply colossal experiments . I learn something from each show and that is also a big motivation for me. Of course, it’s especially impressive when you experience something on your body through experiences. The visit to the fusion reactor in Garching near Munich was also special, as maintenance work was done recently, so we were allowed in. You stand there and think to yourself, oh mad, this other than that is the hottest place in the solar system, and it’s hotter than the inner sun, if nuclear fusion was going on there. They are great experiences too that I wish any viewer interested in.

Are there topics on your mind??

It is not researched in a vacuum, it is a part of society. There are issues that should be raised on the basis of a broader social consensus. There are classic things like genetics. In my case, it’s space travel. A quantum leap in the direction of a new space appears here (Spaceflight is being operated and operated by private service providers and startups, note.). Here in Austria there is a certain amount of catch-up in terms of industrial policy and I would also like to take it a little further abroad.

Special Missions

what is the point?

We actually made a “plug-in” one time issue and it was well received by the audience: it’s not just about showing the people behind the projects, but also putting them in an industrial-political context and thus showing the innovation steps. It’s great for someone to build a new missile – what’s the deeper meaning behind it, what could it improve our world? It has to be explained and we want to do it because no one else does.

It seems that there is a race going on at the moment, on the one hand within the private sector, then private institutions versus government institutions, and then also geopolitically.

These are new developments that would have been totally unimaginable ten or fifteen years ago. At the time, for example, Musk and Bezos’s plans were mocked by Boeing and Lockheed representatives. In Austria too, there were considerations and because this is totally unimaginable here, the people involved are gone. At this point, however, the question arises, what is happening to us in Austria, and who expels such people as quickly as possible. This is very unfortunate, because it is clear that we possess the intellectual capacity. And it’s also true: space travel is the thermometer of geopolitics. You can also see how Chinese colleagues, residents and politicians are supported by the topic of space travel. In some regions, Europe is still very well positioned, but there are also areas where there is a real need to catch up. It is better for all of us to act in a more innovative way than trying to preserve the old benefits.

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Are you considering a “PM Knowledge” program to do more single-topic programs?

This happens every now and then, for example there was one on artificial intelligence with Ars Electronica. But it will remain the exception. Because if the viewer is not interested in the main topic, he is lost. In the regular version, the range is very wide with about ten themes everyone can find something. We also want this diversity to appear in the magazine in the program.