July 15, 2024

100 ‘Closed Drinks’ invitations in Downing Street Park

100 ‘Closed Drinks’ invitations in Downing Street Park

How serious is the UK government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic in spring 2020? The question arises again after it became known that Prime Minister Boris Johnson invited staff to a closed-door meeting in the garden of his official home in Downing Street in May 2020.

According to British media reports, an invitation to this effect was sent to 100 people via email. in a ITV current message, which was dispatched during the UK’s first lockdown, was said to be “taking advantage of nice weather”.

According to the return line, he was sent by Johnson’s secretary Martin Reynolds. The meeting took place on May 20, 2020, according to ITV information.

Email Format:

Hello all,

After an incredibly busy time, we thought it would be nice to take advantage of the nice weather and have some cheerful drinks at No10 Park tonight.

Please come by 6pm and bring your own alcohol!

At the time, people in the UK were only allowed to meet one person outside their home, and only outdoors.

The Metropolitan Police said it was in contact with the government due to “widespread reports of alleged violations” of the Covid regulations.

According to information from British media, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife were among the 40 or so people who attended the meeting.

Sue Gray, the most senior civil servant tasked with investigating several parties that allegedly occurred in Downing Street during the pandemic, will expand her investigation to include the latest allegations.

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The advice for the illegal garden party came from former Johnson adviser Dominic Cummings.


Labor deputy leader Angela Rayner called the news a “disgrace”. “Boris Johnson should be ashamed.”

Rayner shared the May 2020 tweet from the police on Twitter, reminding them of the lockdown rules. read:

Have you enjoyed the hottest days of the year yet?
It is important that we all remain vigil

_You can relax, take a walk, exercise or play sports as long as you…

  • be alone
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  • Just you and someone else

Britain’s Health Minister Edward Argar told the BBC he understood the “anger, sadness and dismay so many feel at the allegations”. He asked to wait for the research to be carried out before drawing any conclusions.

The Prime Minister’s Office has yet to comment on the reports.