June 22, 2024

Julian Roloff im November 2021 im Spiel gegen Wuppertal. (Foto: Bucco)

1. FC Köln: Julian Roloff explains the Canada deal

Julian Roloff in the game against Wuppertal in November 2021. (Photo: Puko)

FC Köln’s U21 derby win over Mönchengladbach’s U23: Julian Roloff will bring the Billy Sheep into effect immediately and leave for Canada on Wednesday, ending his contract. There he will play for Cavalry FC in the Canadian Premier League. The GEISSBLOG goalkeeper skillfully talked about his farewell.

Over the past few weeks, Julian Roloff events have turned upside down. Until the end of January, Keeper 1. extended his contract with FC Köln until the summer of 2023. However, about a month later, the 21-year-old asked him to terminate the contract. Billy the Goats.

What happened? The call came from the Canadian metropolis of Calgary. Corollary: Roloff can no longer call himself a regional league player, but Cavalry FC’s first division professional. In an interview with GEISSBLOG, Roloff states that “there was contact once last year.” However, there was no change at the time as the keeper became surprisingly new to the U21s. “It’s a wonderful feeling,” he admits.

“I can now call myself a professional”

Shortly after the FC contract was extended in January, Canadians, now preparing for the new Canadian Premier League season, approached the 21-year-old again. This time it quickly became concrete. “I approached FC with a request to terminate the contract, and the club complied, and I am very grateful to FC for that,” Roloff said proudly: “This is the first time I’m a professional and fulfilling my dream. Going abroad as a footballer.

In Canada he has only been to Toronto once to see distant relatives. However, this Friday, Rolf will travel from Frankfurt to Calgary, where he will sign a two-year contract. “I have a feeling they are eagerly waiting to see me there,” the goalkeeper said. So far he has spoken to his future head coach Tommy Weldon Jr. and goalkeeping coach Jordan Santiago.

Monday first: Training camp in Mexico

Roloff is trying to pursue his bachelor’s degree in business informatics at the University of Cologne from afar. He wrote a selection on Wednesday afternoon, which is why he could not follow the entire derby of his U21 teammates against Mönchengladbach. Sad that he could not play a farewell game, he did not say: “I played 17 games and they all played so much fun. I had enough beautiful moments.”

Born in Grevenbroich, he left the club and left the city with mixed feelings: “I love the city, 1. There are only good memories of FC Köln. I have never experienced the same resemblance to the U21s.” However, it was tempting to say that the new job was not for him. The first highlight is already waiting for next Monday: the team, which started production two weeks ago, goes to a training camp in Mexico. Finally, Roloff will have plenty of time to learn about his new teammates. The new season in Canada begins on April 9th.