November 29, 2023

0:4 Racket in Lisbon - Ronaldo hits the weak Swiss ball again - Sports

0:4 Racket in Lisbon – Ronaldo hits the weak Swiss ball again – Sports

  • After the defeat in the Czech Republic, Switzerland also lost its second match in the Nations League – 0:4 in Portugal.
  • Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo shines in the first half with two goals and one assist.
  • In the second match of the second group in League A separate Czech Republic and Spain 2: 2.

The Swiss would have been warned. In the last confrontation with Portugal – in the Nations League final in the summer of 2019 – it was Ronaldo who single-handedly hit Switzerland with three goals in a 3-1 victory. But even in this duel, Murat Yakin’s team did not find any recipe against the star, who had a foot in the match in the first 3 goals during his appearance at the party:

  • 15 minutes: Ronaldo takes a free kick on the edge of the penalty area. Kevin Mbabo swerves, Gregor Coppel can’t catch the ball, William Carvalho flicks it from close range.
  • 35th minute: Ronaldo completed a superb lineup successfully through Bruno Fernandes and Diogo Jota with a powerful shot.
  • 40th minute: Portugal plays to the left, Diogo Jota still beats Copil, but “CR7” is in place and pushes him to make the score 3-0.

3 goals before the end of the first half

With 0:3, Switzerland was still doing well in the break. From 0:2, the SFV selection showed signs of decay. Portugal collected every minute through the Swiss defense and had many chances to score more goals.

Pepe hit the post after a corner kick (38′). Seconds before, Mbabo prevented Diogo Jota from completing the match at the last minute. Ronaldo could double his goals tally with the best chances (42/48).

Switzerland, however, was deprived of the beginning of the dream. After 5 minutes, Haris Seferovic – one of 7 new players in the starting lineup compared to the match against the Czech Republic 3 days ago – seemed real. But the VAR saw a handball from Fabian Scheer shortly before that, and the goal was disallowed. This could have been the much-needed moral support after the already mediocre performance in Prague.

After all, Switzerland can be credited with recovering after the break and showing more resistance than they did at the end of the first half. However, the Portuguese managed to score another goal. Joao Cancelo was fired beautifully by Bernardo Silva, played around Kobel and then scored in the orphanage (68).

Koppel let down several times

In general, the performance in Lisbon is cause for concern. After the clowning goals received in the Czech Republic, the defense was not on equal footing again. Koppel, who stood among the exhibitors of ordinary goalkeeper Jan Sommer, was disappointed several times. He was only able to distinguish himself with a free kick from Ronaldo shortly before the end (84th place).

Little went into the attack, and there was also a questionable personal decision by Yakin. He replaced national team coach Ruben Vargas, who was injured while running, with defensive player Jordan Lutumba who was ineffective on the wing. For example, Noah Okafor was ready. This resulted in the biggest defeat since March 26, 2008 – 0:4 against Germany.

In 2 home games under pressure

This means that Switzerland is now under severe pressure in the League of Nations. In the two games at home in Geneva against Spain next Thursday and Portugal on Sunday, points are sorely needed if you don’t want to draw prematurely in the battle to reach the league.

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