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▷ Trina storage operates on a 50MW / 56.2MWh battery storage system in the UK

02/14/2022 – 19:46

Trina Solar

Munich, April 10 / PRNewswire /

Trina Storage has successfully implemented SMS PLC’s 50 MW BESS project in Purwell, Cambridgeshire, UK.

Trina Storage, established in January 2021 as a global energy saving solutions provider, today announced the successful completion of its first fully integrated 50MW / 56.2MWh grid battery storage system in Burwell, UK. Completion. The storage system, now operational, will make the UK power grid more flexible and resilient, preparing it for net-zero power supply.

Owned by SMS plc, a leading UK provider of smart energy infrastructure, the 50MW BESS project was built by Ethical Power, while Trina Storage distributed, commissioned and tested the system. Following its commercial operation, the organization provides balancing services to the British network National Grid.

The fully integrated system solution, which includes lithium-ion battery racks, PCS and transformer units, is designed to increase system performance and extend battery life. It is equipped with a modular, flexible and scalable Power Plant Controller (PPC) and SCADA according to the latest IT standards to control, monitor and improve system performance. A flexible capability guarantee is also provided, which includes both full system delivery (including startup and standard product warranty) and preventive maintenance.

By forming an end-to-end partnership with SMS PLC and third parties, Trina Storage was able to reduce the complexity and project deadline due to its supply chain expertise. Trina Storage’s dedicated purchasing teams have helped SMS PLC improve system level costs and reduce delivery risks by improving the group’s purchasing power.

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Establishment of security checkpoints ensured compliance with quality and safety regulations, which were followed from hardware certification to project assignment. The on-site acceptance testing system ensures full functionality and compliance with UK G99 network regulations.

“Building the Perwell facility is our first successful system delivery in the UK. It is an important milestone for us. Sen said. Creating a cleaner, greener and more sustainable world while improving financial returns. “

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