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▷ Swiss actress Lorient Gilleron becomes an ambassador for FOUR PAWS

▷ Swiss actress Lorient Gilleron becomes an ambassador for FOUR PAWS

02.11.2021 – 08:08

FOUR PAWS – Animal Welfare Foundation


The Swiss star is committed to animal welfare

Swiss actress Lorient Gilleron has become an ambassador for the Four Bowes

Zurich, November 2, 2021 – FOUR PAWS Switzerland is pleased to welcome Blorian Gilleron as its Ambassador. The famous actress in Switzerland, who has already supported the FOUR PAWS campaign against foie gras in 2020, confirms her remarkable commitment to animal welfare.

Lorient Gilleron is an artist with a big heart and one of the most committed personalities in French-speaking Switzerland. After being elected Miss Switzerland in 2005, she spent twelve years in Los Angeles and finally returned to Switzerland to be closer to her family and to work on projects in Europe. Since then, she has been seen regularly on television in Switzerland and France, including in “Im Sog des Geldes” and “Plus belle la vie”, a popular French TV series. She also runs the morning program on LFM Radio for two months. Her current film Love on the Rock, in which she plays the leading female role, is currently being shown in the United States.

animal heart

Lorian’s love for animals is no secret. Your commitment to deer in the Hörnli cemetery in Basel and abandoned cats has affected the Swiss people. When she returned to Switzerland, she brought the three cats she had adopted into an animal shelter in California, where she also volunteered. Lorian – a vegetarian since she was seven and a vegetarian since 2016 – does not tolerate cruelty to animals and is firmly committed to her beliefs. With grace and persuasion, she helped raise public awareness of animal welfare.

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Real or fake fur?

In partnership with FOUR PAWS, Lauriane Gilliéron is showing the public today how real fur is sometimes used in clothing and accessories without customers noticing. In a video, she aimed to show the Swiss how they could distinguish between real and fake fur. According to FOUR PAWS, real fur, especially for plaid hats or collars on winter jackets, is often used without being clearly advertised. Producers have tricks to making clothing labels incomprehensible – from very small, hard-to-read writing to the imaginary names of materials.

“I am very proud to support the animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS, which has been campaigning brave and passionate for over 30 years to ensure that animals around the world are respected and allowed to lead species-appropriate lives,” explains Lorient. FOUR PAWS is pleased with this partnership and is convinced that they have found in Lauriane an ideal ambassador who represents the values ​​of the organization. Alexandra Manduki, Country Director of FOUR PAWS Switzerland, is delighted with this collaboration: “We welcome Lorian to the large FOUR PAWS family. Her passion for animal welfare makes her an excellent ambassador who supports our vision of a world where humans treat animals with respect, compassion and understanding.”

VIER PFOTEN ist die globale Tierschutzorganisation für Tiere unter direktem menschlichem Einfluss, die Missstände erkennt, Tiere in Not rettet und sie beschützt. Die 1988 von Heli Dungler und Freunden in Wien gegründete Organisation tritt für eine Welt ein, in der Menschen Tieren mit Respekt, Mitgefühl und Verständnis begegnen. Im Fokus ihrer nachhaltigen Kampagnen und Projekte stehen Streunerhunde und -katzen sowie Heim-, Nutz- und Wildtiere – wie Bären, Grosskatzen und Orang-Utans – aus nicht artgemässer Haltung sowie aus Katastrophen- und Konfliktzonen. Mit Büros in Australien, Belgien, Bulgarien, Deutschland, Grossbritannien, Kosovo, den Niederlanden, Österreich, der Schweiz, Südafrika, Thailand, der Ukraine, den USA und Vietnam sowie Schutzzentren für notleidende Tiere in elf Ländern sorgt VIER PFOTEN für rasche Hilfe und langfristige Lösungen. In der Schweiz ist die Tierschutzstiftung ein Kooperationspartner vom Arosa Bärenland, dem ersten Bärenschutzzentrum, welches geretteten Bären aus schlechten Haltungsbedingungen ein artgemässes Zuhause gibt. www.vier-pfoten.ch 


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