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▷ Night vandalism in a shop in Dortmund

▷ Night vandalism in a shop in Dortmund

06.06.2021 – 15:39

Firosure Germany GmbH

Comprehensive security provider prevents rioters from entering from a distance

Ratingen, June 24, 2021 Last week, night-time rioters were on the verge of harm in Dortmund. But when they bumped into the front door of a local tobacco and accessories store to get in, someone hit them Entertainment-Staff withstood. From what the perpetrators don’t know, the bullet shop is protected by a leading European security provider with a unique combination of modern technology and 24/7 remote human monitoring. The shock sensors of the High Security Alarm System, which detect any alleged tampering with the outer skin of an object, report this to the Verizor Alert Center.

In manned around the clock Emergency control and service center (NSL) Incoming alarm is checked within seconds and, if necessary, direct intervention. In this way, the NSL specialist succeeds in breaking into Dortmund’s business thus avoiding further damage to the dealer.

It is half past three in the morning when a shock signal is received from the main entrance of the Dortmund hookah shop at the VdS-certified Emergency Call and Communications Service (NSL) center in Ratingen. An NSL specialist on duty calls directly via VoIP (Voice over IP), talks to those who don’t identify themselves and hears a screeching that does not bode well. The security camera, which is also part of the high-security alarm system, shows the door being knocked, then the glass shattered. The National Security Line specialist immediately contacts the police. She’s already heard that the rioters are supposed to be out in town and now she’s rushing to the scene. Meanwhile, a fellow NSL notifies the shopkeeper who is also on his way. He later reported that his door was damaged, but fortunately, thanks to Verisure NSL’s early intervention, no one was able to get into his shop. Satisfied customer thanks VdS Certified Alarm Center of Resingen Total Security Provider for the good work.

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What does VirusSure do?

Entertainment is the leading European supplier of professionally controlled and certified high security alarm systems 24/7 remote monitoring. With an average of 600,000 installations per year, Verizor ensures the security of 3.8 million customers in 16 countries in Europe and Latin America. The company protects private homes and small businesses with the latest security solutions and helps them lead a carefree life. FireSure is already well known in many countries for its innovative products and services, high customer orientation and excellent sales services. Verizor is also growing rapidly in Germany despite the global pandemic. Although the company has only been active here since the end of 2018, security experts under the supervision of Álvaro Grande Royo Vilanova, which now have more than 300 employees, are already protecting more than 10,000 satisfied customers in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Berlin, Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg and Hamburg.

Versor, the company

Founded in 1988 as a division of Sweden’s Securitas AB, Verisher (or Securitas Direct) quickly became an independent provider of affordable alarm systems for private homes. In 1993, live monitoring was added, that is, around-the-clock monitoring by employees of the company’s emergency service and monitoring centers. In 1996 the offer was expanded to include small businesses. Versor Group, headquartered in Geneva, has been expanding in Europe as well as Latin and South America since the 1990s. The global company, led by CEO Austin Lally, now performs about 600,000 installs a year, employs more than 17,000 people and protects a total of more than 3.8 million customers in 16 countries, including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, France and Italy , and since the end of 2018, Germany too.

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What does the word versier mean?

The word “Veri” comes from Verification. This means that VdS-certified specialists at the 24/7 Indoor Emergency Call Center and Service Control Center in Ratingen check the signals from the high security alarm system to determine if it is a false alarm or an emergency that the security service, police, fire brigade or a doctor are operating. emergency immediately and, if necessary, the ZeroVision® fog-like optical barrier is triggered. “Sure” refers to the safety, reliability and comprehensive protection that entertainment provides.

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