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▷ Munich Federal Police Directorate: ID card for flights across the English Channel ...

▷ Munich Federal Police Directorate: ID card for flights across the English Channel …

09.30.2021 – 12:19

Federal Police Directorate in Munich

Munich Airport (OTS)

There is news of Brexit again, this time in travel law. The Federal Police at Munich Airport informs its passengers of the state of affairs. After all, officials want passengers to be able to board their flights from Erdinger Moos carefree, including across the English Channel.

With regard to the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union, the entry and residence regulations for Britons on the one hand in the European Union, but on the other also for all EU and EEA citizens and Swiss in/in the United Kingdom have changed. It is true that tourists and short-term business travelers can still enter the island without a visa for stays of less than six months. In most other cases, travelers now need at least a visa to stay.

Now the British government has tightened the requirements for recognition of travel documents. From tomorrow (October 1, 2021), Downing Street will generally require a passport for travel, which must remain valid when crossing the border. For EU, European Economic Area and Federal citizens, this means that from this date onwards it will not be possible for them to enter the UK with ID from their home country, let alone stay there. In addition, according to information from the Federal Department of Home Affairs, Building and Home Affairs, recognition of the travel document as an alternative to a passport and emergency travel document for entry into the UK is no longer valid.

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More detailed information about entering Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as regarding health protection, can be found on the websites of the responsible British representations in Germany.

Please contact:

Please contact:

Christian Colmer
Federal Police at Munich Airport
Nordale 2 – 85356 Munich Airport
Phone: 089/97307-9020
Email: [email protected]

The number of the Federal Police at Munich Airport is about 1,500 people
The staff is the second largest
Airport service of the Federal Police of Germany. she has
Police duties include, in particular, border police
Protect federal lands and fight
Cross-border crime and security in the field
Federal rail facilities and rail passenger safety too
Aviation security tasks to protect against attacks on security
Civil Aviation. More information is available at Or at the contact address indicated above.
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