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▷ Halo Technology Group erwirbt Skylane Optics

▷ Halo Technology Group erwirbt Skylane Optics

29.01.2021 – 00:21

Halo Technology Group

Irvine, California, March 23, 2018 / BR Newswire /

The acquisition broadens Halo’s global footprint and solidifies its position as a leader in compatible optics.

Halo Technology Group (“Halo” or “Halo Group”), the world’s largest manufacturer of compatible optical fiber transceivers and high-speed cables, today announced its acquisition of Skylan Optics (“Skylan”) is well known. Skylan has offices in Europe, Brazil and the USA. The company’s optical network products are used in corporate voice, video and critical data networks, service providers, data centers, and telecom service providers around the world.

“We are extremely excited to add Skylane’s line of groundbreaking products and their highly talented team to our portfolio,” said Matt McCormick, CEO of Halo. Halo is committed to growing Skylane’s business and continuing to serve the needs of its diverse and demanding customer base. We are confident that with the added strength and capabilities of our platform, Skylane will thrive as part of the Halo Group. ”

With acquisition, Halo will be technically and operationally better positioned more efficiently. New products such as Skylane’s consistent CFP-DCO products will allow Halo to meet its customers’ growing needs for network resilience and fiber optic network optimization. Operationally, there will be an advantage from improved manufacturing capabilities, automation and manufacturing efficiency with Skylane’s patented Anaconda (TM) production system. This is Halo’s third successful acquisition. The company was founded in 2017 by Inflexion Private Equity Partners Based in London as the starting point for building a global optoelectronics platform.

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“Halo has grown to be the global leader in compatible optics with the expertise to meet the needs of nearly any network architecture, be it an enterprise, a super-scale data center, or a multinational telecom company,” said Al-Aguyri, Halo Technology Chairman. A member of the Board of Directors. “The Skylane deal strengthens the group’s capabilities and demonstrates the platform’s value as a tool for international growth.”

About Halo Technology Group

Hello Group is a multinational corporation headquartered in Irvine, California. It is the largest independent provider of optoelectronics in the world. It has been operating in this field since 1999 through its wholly owned subsidiaries. The company develops and markets mission-critical optical network solutions, including optical transceivers, multiplexers, ROADMs, EDFAs, high-speed optical cables and other products supporting optical communication. From manufacturing and distribution hubs in the US, UK, and India, Halo serves the network needs of a wide range of companies, service providers, and telecom customers around the world.

Skylane Optics information

Skylane Optics is a leading provider of optical communications transceivers. Skylane offers a wide range of optical solutions, including optical and copper transceivers, DACs, AOCs, multiplexers, and encoder boxes (TCS) for a variety of applications. The company serves a wide range of clients in Europe, South America and North America.

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