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02/17/2022 – 16:38

Principality of Liechtenstein

Vaduz (ots)

During a video conference, government advisor Dominic Hassler exchanged views with Ireland’s Minister for European Affairs Thomas Byrne. The discussion focused on foreign trade policy and good cooperation between Liechtenstein and Ireland in the Council of Europe.

As member states of the Council of Europe and the European Economic Area (EEA), Liechtenstein and Ireland have been widely networked for many years and have maintained friendly relations.

The virtual business meeting between Chancellor Hassler and Minister Thomas Byrne focused in particular on foreign trade policy. Government advisor Hassler emphasized the importance of Liechtenstein’s close economic relations with Europe through membership of the European Economic Area and with Switzerland through the customs treaty. With regard to the development of economic relations with the United Kingdom, Chancellor Hassler referred to the Free Trade Agreement that was successfully concluded by the EEA/EFTA countries last year. The negotiations on the double taxation agreement, which have already begun successfully, were also touched upon.

The two ministers also used the video conference to discuss cooperation within the Council of Europe. In alphabetical order, Ireland (May 2022) and Liechtenstein (November 2023) will hold the presidency of the Council of Europe, respectively. In this context, Chancellor Hassler and Minister Byrne exchanged views on thematic priorities and planned activities of the respective presidencies.

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