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▷ Elderly Security Monitor: Wrist Alarm Button

31.03.2021 – 09:02

Deutsche Telekom AG

Security watch for the elderly: a wrist alarm button

- Schnelle Hilfe dank SOS-Knopf und automatischer Sturzerkennung
- Gesundheit im Blick: Herzfrequenz messen und Schritte zählen
- Telefonfunktion: Über das ausgezeichnete Netz der Telekom mit den Liebsten in Verbindung bleiben 


With a phone watch for the older generation, Deutsche Telekom expands the range of wearables that make everyday life safer. The TCL Safety Watch MT43AX has an SOS button and automatic fall detection. This ensures quick assistance in an emergency. At home and on the go. And that’s around the clock, 365 days a year. The watch is easy to use and has a large, easy-to-read screen. It also provides healthy functions like heart rate monitoring. You can also talk to her on the phone. All this makes the watch an age appropriate smartwatch. It will be available exclusively from Telekom from April 1 with the Smart Connect S. tariff..

Feeling safe day and night

If you ask older people what is important to them, they will agree: many people want an active and independent life. And so for as long as possible in your four walls. TCL has developed the MT43AX Safety Watch so that this watch can be useful to you and your relatives. The phone watch has various safety features like the SOS button. Pressing for several seconds triggers an alert call for pre-selected emergency contacts. At the same time, the watch determines the location via GPS and sends it to the smartphone for emergency contacts. Using the associated app, they can find out where on the map the person calling for help is.

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Automatic fall detection provides extra safety. The sensor detects the fall of the person wearing the watch. This works in the event of a fall in the house as well as in accidents, for example with a bike. After 60 seconds, the watch begins to make an emergency call to the specified contacts, including location transfer. If you don’t need any help, you can quickly and easily stop the call via the screen in the meantime.

In consultation with the user, relatives can also use the app to locate safe areas. When the smartwatch user leaves it, the selected emergency contacts receive a push message with their current location.

Emergency Lifeguard – or a watch with a phone function

In times of limitations in epidemiological communication, the importance of digital communication is all the more important. With the phone on their wrist, seniors stay in touch with family and friends at home and when outside. The Telekom network guarantees the best connection. Contacts can be easily identified using the built-in phonebook. Thanks to the large font and clear user interface, the watch is easy to use. Users can choose by themselves whether the time is displayed in digital or analog with the watch face.

An active and healthy lifestyle thanks to additional useful functions

In addition, the emergency watch has special activity and health functions. Users can check heart rate, count steps, and calories consumed. This way, you can ensure that you achieve your workout goals without overburdening yourself. The watch also measures the duration and quality of sleep.

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The TCL Safety Watch MT43AX is available in dark gray and red. It costs a one-time fee of 149.95 € if you also book a Smart Connect S tariff with a 24-month contract period. Customers pay 9.95 euros per month for this tariff. The smartwatch will be available exclusively from Telekom from April 1.

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