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27.10.2021 – 20:08

Future Investment Initiative Institute (FII)

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, March 23 /PRNewswire/

The opening session of the IIF’s 5th Anniversary event was a 90-minute live “board of directors” meeting with business leaders from Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States

FII attendees include presidents, prime ministers, business leaders, experts, innovators, and media representatives who come together to find solutions to society’s challenges and work to achieve them.

The FII’s fifth anniversary opened with a face-to-face board meeting where global CEOs, investors and policy makers discussed how best to invest in humanity.

The opening session on the first day of the FII was under the title Change Makers Council: Investing for Impact. CNN has hosted the meeting Richard QuestModerate and attended by business leaders from Africa, Europe and the United States, including SE. Khaldoon Khalifa Al MubarakCEO and Managing Director of Mubadala Investment Company, Stephen Schwarzman, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder, Blackstone, und Ray Dalio, founder, co-chair and chief information officer, Bridgewater Associates, LP. Discuss how global finance can come together to invest in humanity.

Richard Attias, CEO of FII, said the face-to-face board meeting was a very special event for FII. “It was a unique live board meeting. FII hosted this special ‘live’ meeting, which was about practical and actionable ways to invest in humanity. This paved the way for three days of live discussion and decision-making that will help change the future for mankind.”

The board meeting included:

  • His Excellency Khaldoon Khalifa Al MubarakCEO and Managing Director of Mubadala Investment Company (VAE)
  • Anna Patricia PutinGroup CEO, Banco Santander SA (Spain)
  • Ray DalioFounder, Co-Chair and Chief Information Officer, Bridgewater Associates, LP (US)
  • Larry Fink, Chairman and CEO of BlackRock, Inc. (United State)
  • Dr. Patrice MotsepeFounder, African Rainbow Capital (Südafrika)
  • Stephen Schwarzman, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder, Blackstone (US)
  • David M. SulaimanChairman and CEO, Goldman Sachs Group (US)
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Information about the Institute of Fisheries Industries

The FII Institute is a global not-for-profit organization with an investment line and agenda: Making a Positive Impact on Humanity. We are committed to ESG principles, nurturing the smartest minds and turning ideas into real solutions in five focus areas: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Education, Healthcare and Sustainability.

We are in the right place at the right time – at a time when policy makers, investors and a committed generation of young people are full of ambition and energy for change. We use this energy in three pillars – Think, XCHANGE, ACT – and invest in innovations that change lives around the world.

Join us to create and achieve a brighter and more sustainable future for humanity.

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